They purify the fluids that provide power in hydraulic systems from dirt and particles. The high efficiency and consistent performance of long-life hydraulic filters protect hydraulic systems against high breakdowns and costs.

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High-performance filters ensure that the hydraulic fluid remains clean throughout its service life. In addition, customers face ever-changing application requirements that require longer filter change intervals, higher operational safety, greater separation efficiency and greater compatibility with next-generation hydraulic oils. Our high pressure filters can offer different advantages and can provide these solutions according to the special needs demanded by the customers.

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Our Wire Erosion Filters can be used in all metal cuttings including steel, aluminum, stainless steel and copper needed in wire erosion benches without any problems. Our Wire Erosion Filters are explosion proof and have a low pressure drop. In addition to its high metal swarf holding capacity, it has the best filtration performance in its class.


We produce cartridge air filters with sheet metal caps and polyurethane caps, which we have produced using German origin paper and Teflon.

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Unless a special type of production is requested, no protective sheet is placed on the outside of these filters. Because these filters work with the reverse shock system and discharge the dust accumulated on them, both increasing the suction of the filter and ensuring that the paint dust accumulated on the filter is not lost. The surface area (m2) of the filtration material used in such filters is very important.

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In the systems, they keep the dust particles in micronic value and ensure the air purification. We use German origin fibers in various micron values in their production.

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Cassette filters are used as the preliminary element of air filtration. According to the filtration solution, cassette filters can be made in frames made of galvanized steel, plastic or cardboard. Cassette or according to some literature designations, panel filter elements are made of a specially selected and self-renewing special raw fiber blend and have an extremely durable structure. Cassette panel filters are used for pre-filtering and secondary filtration – filters of class EU2 (G2), EU3 (G3), EU4 (G4), EU5 (F5), EU6 (F6), F7 (F7), EU9 (F9). Cassette filters are produced on the basis of cellulosic and fiber glass. Cellulosic or synthetic-based standard cassette filters should be selected at temperatures up to 100°C. At temperatures exceeding 100°C, fiber glass based aluminum mesh cassette filters are preferred.

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HEPA, which stands for high efficiency particle trap, absorbs particles suspended in the air. They have a retention rate of 85% to 99%.

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Natural gas is a very clean fuel that provides a significant part of general energy production with cycle power plants. Gas (CH4), also known as methane, goes through a series of processes as it is transported to the end user, and many of these steps require filtering the product. Impurities such as pipe age, iron sulfide, hydrates, water, liquid hydrocarbons, sulfur products and carbon dioxide must be removed from the system for the quality of the line.


Suction Filters are important system elements of hydraulic circuits. Primarily, they ensure the protection of the pumps, which are the flow source of the system, and thus filter the particles in the system.

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Air, oil and separator filters and separator filters are equipment that extend the life of the compressor. They are produced to remove particles and oil droplets that may occur due to wear and water droplets that may occur due to air compression from the system and to protect the system.


Separator filters produced by our company are used in our country and in many countries of the world. Separator filters are generally used in food, salt, textile, chemistry, mining, cement, glass and ceramics, forest products industries, dams, irrigation canals, fish farms, cooling towers, agriculture and livestock sector, HEPP projects, in short, wherever there is water.

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The working principle of generator systems is also similar to motor vehicles. The oil filter minimizes the heat and wear rates of the mobility in the engine assembly. The only material that prevents the particles formed due to the oil used over time to pass to the engine part is the oil filter. Therefore, care must be taken. The diesel filter provides similar protection to the oil filter. It prevents the dirt in the diesel from passing into the engine.
Other important filter products for the generator are; crankcase breather filter or air filter solution. The clean air drawn into the generator prevents it from damaging the engine. For this reason, it is important to clean the relevant filter equipment.

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We are distributors of imported filter brands so that the oils used in the industrial sector and other sectors, especially heavy-duty machines, can be used with a long life and high quality. We sell all oil filter types of world brands such as Donaldson – Mann – Fleetguard – Perkins.

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We sell all types of diesel filters needed in the industrial sector and other sectors, especially heavy-duty group machinery. We sell all types of diesel filters of world brands such as Donaldson – Mann – Fleetguard – Perkins.

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Water filters keep the lime, pollutants and chemicals in the water and ensure that delicious and healthy water is obtained.

elyaf çeşitleri
We import German and American origin fibers and diversify them according to system requirements. We import high-efficiency fibers used in the Industry and Industry sector.
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We import German and American origin fibers and diversify them according to system requirements. We import high-efficiency fibers used in the Industry and Industry sector.

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As environmental filters, we import and store sheet metals of various thicknesses and sizes, which are used in industry and industrial sectors. We blast the sheets to the desired hole diameters and present them to the industry and industry sector as perforated sheet.

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Activated carbon filters are types of filters used especially to separate organic chemicals from water. These filters also purify water by removing chemicals that change the taste and smell of water, such as hydrogen sulfide or chlorine. Activated carbon filters are used in water purification devices. Mains water may contain volatile chemicals such as chlorine, benzene, pesticides or herbicides, and hundreds of other chemicals. In addition to filtering these substances, carbon filters help you to obtain clean drinking water by removing bad tastes and odors from the water.